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Instaleko Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) is on the territory of Poland an exclusive distributor of environment protection equipment produced by a reputable company EKOSYSTEM spol. S.r.o. /http://www.ekosystem.cz/

We provide process engineering and complete equipment for household biological wastewater treatment plants MCA, municipal sewage treatment plants for communes and housing estates EKOKOM, sewage pumping stations, pumps, drainage catch pits, water meter pits, water and sewage tanks, equipment for drinking water treatment, equipment and process engineering for industrial land reclamation, oil separators, fat separators, settlement tanks, biofilters, filters etc. Our products have CE marking.

Our aim is to provide complex solution of water management systems as well as reliable consulting services for companies and institutions.

Cooperate with the best!

We are looking forward to doing business with building, installation and design companies.

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